Saturday 30 December 2017

Saturday: The Fifth Day of Christmas

Good morning.  When I woke yesterday it was to teeming rain that was making great inroads into any snow left lying.  As our snow cleared, further north they got a shedload of the stuff so good luck to them.  I'm happy to be a little bit warmer.

Today's letter is F.  F for Festive Fish.
I don't eat enough fish really and I ought to have more, maybe twice a week.  I have decided that today's treat will be a fish dish, maybe something like kedgeree which is - or can be - pretty low fat apart from the fish oil and which I love but hardly ever have.  There's loads of recipes out there, from Delia, Jamie, Nigella, James (Martin) and someone called 'Easy'!!
Even better, I have some smoked haddock and a bit of smoked salmon in the freezer right now.
How can I make it festive?  Well, apart from the smoked salmon which always reminds me of Christmas by association, maybe be adding some dried cranberries which seem to go so well with savoury foods  And, of course, it will be eaten off my Winter Ware.  :-)

So here we go:
T:   Turkey - dealing with the Christmas bird
W:  Winter Ware - using my Christmas plates
E:   Exercise and Energy - start to get moving over the new year
L:   Low-fat Living - the side effects of a very low fat diet
F:   Festive Fish - kedgeree or the like
(bit of a mixed bag, isn't it?)

Another T tomorrow.  I will have to put on my thinking cap.  But the one for New Year's Day is a gift (I don't mean a present, I mean easy to work out).  I wonder if you can work out what it will be!


  1. My festive fish today is the gravadlax I made a while back. It was rather over cured so it has been sliced and put under a very light creme fraiche and mustard and dill sauce for 24 hours which I hope will retrieve some of the salt.

  2. Do you have connections to Stoke-on-Trent? I’m curious because the only time I ever hear the word ‘ware’ used to describe pots is by people from The Potteries (as am I) :-)

  3. Not exactly, but I spent most of my childhood living just south of Derby so perhaps you could say a bit local! More local than where I am now, anyway! :-)
    J x

  4. Diane, fingers crossed that the sauce will draw out some of the salt. Is there anything else you could do, if not?
    J x

  5. We’re practically related then! Lol

  6. lol - isn't that nice! :-D
    J x