Sunday 24 December 2017

Christmas Eve

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Christmas Eve.

As I mentioned, yesterday I had a go at Gluten free bread using a packet of Dove gluten free bread flour.  It was certainly different: no kneading, you whisk up a batter, then add the flour and the yeast, let it rise to the top of the tin and then bake.  No free-form shaping, etc.  The texture is 'funny' but the flavour is quite good and I hope it is acceptable because, even on special, the flour was flipping expensive!

Then I had a go at making pastry using the same flour to make a few mince pies for gluten free person.  It's brown flour so the results look rather - er - 'healthy', but the little nibble I tried was OK, I know the mincemeat is nice as it is my own home-made stuff and I smothered them with caster sugar once they had cooled.  I only made three so, if they are rejected with scorn, it's not a problem.

I got the ironing done although there's a little bit left for today.  In fact, this morning is filled with 'little bits' although I've made a good start.  The ham is on, the giblets are on and the sprouts are peeled and in a bag in the fridge.  I just have to finish bits off, do a general tidy, a bit of a clean (the bits that show) and go over my lists and then I can start prepping for this evening - not that it will take much prepping really.

To you, all my readers, I would like to wish a very, very happy and peaceful Christmas with lots of good things to give you contentment and joy.


  1. Thanks, Joy and may it all go well for you too

  2. Happy Christmas Joy, have a wonderful time! xx

  3. Thank you, ladies all. Have a wonderful day with not too much work! :-)
    J x