Tuesday 4 October 2016


Well, wasn't it a lovely day yesterday?  Not terribly warn except in direct sunlight in the afternoon and even then it wasn't overly warm, but so bright and cheerful.  I have no idea about today: it's far too early to tell but fingers crossed for the same.

In the morning I pootled along to school to drop off the bread and some jam and then meandered down to St Andrew's Church for the morning version of Harvest Festival.  I was very instrumental in starting off the Harvest Festival thing for our school decades ago and at first the whole school walked down.  Oh, my, the church was packed and it was jolly uncomfortable, especially as the parents were their usual supportive selves and came along in droves.  Nowadays the school is split down the middle so one class in each year group goes in the morning and the other class goes in the afternoon.  Much more sensible.

After that I came home and set to in the kitchen, sorting out the cupboards.  It took quite a while but it's now a lot more ordered and I have a much clearer idea of what I've got.  There was a bit of chucking out, of course, but never mind.
There's a list sellotaped on the inside of one of the cupboards now, the one with all the tins and jars of stuff.

Then, in the evening and after dinner, I meant to get out the ironing board and clear the mess in the ironing basket but I fell asleep instead.  Never mind, it can wait.

What I also didn't do was the tuition planning that that's a non-negotiable for today!  Has to be done.

Today I will spend the morning in school and then it's back home to continue my fairly gentle sort out of cupboards, etc.  At some point I have to tackle the bedroom over the stairs.  That will be a somewhat formidable task, for sure.   The stair head cupboard is ram-packed full of all sorts of stuff that hasn't seen the light of day for years and could, therefore, be chucked, if one works on the principle that if you haven't used it for about eighteen months, then you don't need it.
Not today but before Christmas would be good!

Today's food:
B:  yogurt, pineapple and granola; apple
L:  home made soup of some kind, probably mushroom as I have some to use up plus some cream; apple and orange
D:  fish fingers, home made wedges, runner beans, tomatoes; yogurt and pineapple
S:  choccy drink

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