Friday 7 October 2016


Good morning!  It's well after five this morning and I am really grateful for the good sleep - around eight hours of it - with just the obligatory wander down the landing to the loo to disturb the continuity.  I feel so much more with it this morning.  Cheers!

It seems no time at all since I would be watching the sun come up as I sat here typing at this time, but not any more.  In a couple of weeks the evenings will also start earlier too.  Already the curtains are drawn before I have my dinner each evening.  It's weird how putting the clocks back seems to make the evenings darker but not the mornings brighter!

No complaints from me though.  Yes, I love the bright and sunny early mornings and later evenings of summer but I also love the dark, cosy times over the autumn and winter months.  My cotton dressing gown is now away and I'm using my cuddly, fleecy one and it's lovely.  Slippers have replaced bare feet mornings and evenings and, increasingly, during the day too as we've had some rather more chilly ones recently, haven't we?

Yesterday was beautifully sunny but not all that warm out of the sun.  I opened the French windows from time to time to refresh the house, especially after making my lunchtime soup (which was really nice so I will blog about it over on Teacher's Recipes!), but they didn't stay open all that long.

Thursday is tuition day and it all went well.  I'm really enjoying these one to ones.  I hope they are too.

Today starts with swimming (yay) and then Beth is coming back to me for the day and we are owling.  With any luck we will get them all finished apart from buttons and, therefore, stuffing because the buttons have to be sewn on before they are stuffed.

That's it really - a simple and contented day.

Today's food:
B:  apple (before swimming), beans on toast (after swimming - must remember to get some bread out of the freezer)
L:  home made veg soup of some kind - probably mushroom as I have some mushrooms to use up; apple
D:  tuna and veg pasta, same as yesterday because I made enough for two days; yogurt and pineapple
S:  choccy drink