Sunday 2 October 2016


Hello again, gentle readers.  Amazingly, after several months of very early waking, I am starting to sleep a little longer again and it's definitely half-light early morning now.  From what I can see (and feel), it's going to be another day like yesterday - cool and mostly dull with a bit of sun and maybe some rain as well.

Well, no fougasse yesterday.  By the time I had fed the cats at Beth's x 2, sorted out the mess I call my kitchen, washed and hung out some clothes, made some cream of tomato soup (so, so gorgeous) and made some tomato ketchup which took for ever as the tomatoes are very juicy so I had to boil away the sauce to thicken it but which tastes great, I really wasn't in the mood for dough and anyway, it would have taken me late into the evening.  That's my excuse anyway.  It's probably more truthful to say I had an extremely lazy day, although I had to get moving at one point when I glanced out and it was hailing.  HAILING!!!  I got absolutely soaked getting the washing in quickly and ended up using the tumble dryer (for the washing, not for me) to finish off the drying.

I did, however, do the monthly finance summary.  It's been an expensive month, has September, one way and another, so October is going to be noted for frugality, I think.  It is OK, not a problem, but even so, I'd rather be saving than spending.  Seems I'm doing OK with using gas as I got a useful little refund into my bank on Friday.

Today IS fougasse day.  I even went to Morrisons and searched out some semolina for the dusting because I know that does make a difference to the crust.  I also have a 'normal' loaf to make for my sole customer and I think this time it will be a mixture of spelt and granary flour and, while I am at it, I will make a loaf for me as well and slice it before freezing.  The mornings are getting colder and it's jolly nice to have a slice of toast with your eggs or whatever.

I wonder what semolina is like as a pud with dessert.  I haven't had it since my schooldays and thought it OK then.  What I couldn't stand was tapioca - urgh.

Today's food:
B:  bran flakes; apple
L:  home made veg soup of some kind; melon
D:  veg curry and rice (and I might have some runner beans too - fusion food), yogurt and pineapple
It's a no-meat day today!


  1. Try coating your potatoes in oil and a light dusting of semolina before you roast them. It makes the roasties very crispy on the outside.

  2. Oh, I could, couldn't I? I've read about that but never done it as I didn't have any semolina! Thank you.
    J x