Wednesday 5 October 2016


Just a quick one today.  It looks fine outside, reasonably clear skies and a little breeze blowing.  The heating clicked on so it must be chilly.  Since the boiler was replaced I have noticed a distinct improvement in boiler reaction so that's good.

I had a lovely time in school yesterday morning, helping M by doing some baseline assessments with individual children.  It was nice to have the opportunity to work with individuals and now I know several of their names!

When I tidied out the cupboards on Monday, I had several packs of dried pulses that were - er - a bit out of date.  Knowing that they would still be OK to eat anyway, I decided to soak and cook and if they ended up too hard, I could either chuck them or maybe pulse them down into a paste with garlic and other seasonings.  After soaking over Mon day night and cooking yesterday, both the haricot beans and the red kidney beans were fine so I have several little pots ready for the freezer.

I then did the same with a few butter beans and a pack of chickpeas, which have been soaking overnight and will be cooked this afternoon.

When they're done, I intend to mix some of the portions up so I have pots of mixed beans for pies, etc.  It's not helping to reduce the amount of stuff in the freezer, for sure, but it does mean that the dried pulses are one big step closer to being used which is definitely a Good Thing.

Beth will be round today and we are going to 'owl' together.  At midday, Sharon is round and we will both  feel much better after she deals with our hair.  I do feel so tatty and shaggy at the moment.

After that it is tuition and then, in the evening, it is Governor's meeting.  Greater love hath no girl than this, that she misses Bake Off for her school!  Bit sad really!

So quite a full day really.

B:  bacon and tomatoes, melon
L:  cream of mushroom soup, fruit
D:  not sure because of the governor's meeting.  I will probably fit some fruit in between tuition and the meeting.


  1. A different way for kidney beans:
    I haven't tried it yet but am really tempted.

    Apparently there is a Thermomix recipe for red kidney bean cake too.

  2. Oh the joy of Governors' meetings - best of luck.

  3. It was OK, thanks. Quite interesting as these things go and I took in some ginger fairings to lighten the load! :-)

    Annabeth - that recipe!!! My first reaction was 'No!' but it could work really well, couldn't it. If you make it, please let me know how it goes.

    J x