Saturday 29 October 2016


Good morning!  It's a bit earlier (and will be even earlier tomorrow, I am sure) but I'm awake after the best night's sleep I've had for several days.  Although I'm still feeling 'weary', it's a lot better than it was so fingers crossed the curse - I mean cold - is lifting at last.

I know I made the right decision to stay at home and not inflict me and my bugs on my parents.

Yesterday was a quiet, sleepy day in between coughs, so there's not a lot to report.  Today I plan to catch up on mundane, everyday stuff that has been neglected this week and there's an underlying feeling of relief that I won't be back at work in two days' time.  I wonder when this mental/emotional adherence to the school calendar will go.

I might defrost some cranberries and start the Christmas spiced cranberry jelly.  For some inexplicable reason I have four bags of them in the freezer, three from Sainsbury's and one bag of fresh ones, bought in Morrisons last Christmas and never used.  So I have plenty enough to make jelly rather than jam or sauce.  I shall add apple to the mix for setting and some Christmas spices for added flavour.

The recipes I have read suggest leaving the fruit mixture to drip for a long time, up to 24 hours, so I can start this morning and finish tomorrow.  Most of them suggest adding alcohol, but I won't, not to this batch anyway.

One way or another, I am slowly working through the glut of stuff in the freezers which is a very satisfying experience.  I will definitely have enough room for all the Christmas stuff at this rate.  That being so and given that I have a bag of King Edwards in the fridge, I might also get the Christmas roasties prepped and frozen.

I've done this for a number of years now and it doesn't half save time over the Christmas meals.  This year I have some fine semolina too, so I will dredge the par-boiled spuds in a half and half of that and flour before open freezing and then bagging them.

So that's the plan for today, fingers crossed, and it only remains to report on food!
B:  bran flakes and an apple
L:  probably soup
D:  I fancy making a one egg Yorkshire and having savoury mince and veg inside it, using it as a plate.  If it shapes OK, that is.  Time alone will tell.


  1. Glad you're feeling brighter, it was the right choice to hunker down and it's good that you are no longer governed by the pressures of having to go in at all costs.

  2. Thanks. It is a huge relief, for sure.
    J x

  3. Hope today finds you even better x my yorkshires last weekend were dire! Tasted fine as usual, but flat as a frisbee! It always amazes me how, when I make them exactly the same way as an always have done - after watching my Nanna and mum do it, they come out like towering infernos one week and biscuits the next! Crazy.
    I think you will always set your watch by the school hols. Once a teacher, always a teacher! It's our half term now. It's been a killer 8 week er ( even though I was off for most of the last fortnight )and when we go back is a seven weeker till Christmas!! 21st Dec we break up but don't go back until the NINTH of Jan. The NINTH! That is so psychologically satisfying it's unreal!

  4. I have to hang my head and admit that I didn't do them after all - I was too tired to bother.
    And I think you are right about the school bit but surely it will fade after a while. I mean, I am sitting here chortling (in my mind) 'No school tomorrow, no school tomorrow!'
    The 9th!!!!!!!! Blimey! We're back on the 5th here.
    J x and a grin