Wednesday 12 October 2016


Good morning, gentle readers, it is nice to be back again.  I hate it when technological problems arise as I never know what to do.  After waiting for  over a day for the connection to come back up, I (with Beth's help for hearing) phoned Them and it was sorted within about ten minutes.  I do think it is clever the way they manage things like that from a distance!

Anyway, I am back, so welcome to a rainy Wednesday morning, over a third of the way through October.  A THIRD!!!!!!!   Scary.   It's a shame about the rain as the last few days have been gorgeous and I have a machine load of whites to dry, but it could be worse, I guess - it could be snow!

I've been pottering along, getting stuff done as and when and generally enjoying my life.  Without an internet connection, I set to and managed to audit the contents of my freezers as it's a while since the last one.  I was glad that there was hardly anything to have to throw out but rather embarrassed at how much is in there.  However, it is now all written down, organised according to where to find it, and it's rather nice to know that I won't have to spend all that much on food for a very long time to come.

I've also been sewing and have finished one of the owl orders.  I don't think there's a chance in a million that the recipient will read this blog but, even so, I won't post a picture until I know it has arrived.  This is the owl for which I used a quilted panel from my first ever efforts at quilting which was such a dismal failure!

The garden is still producing runner beans but the tomatoes are looking very sorry for themselves and will probably come out this weekend after I've salvaged all the green ones, weather permitting.  I must get down to making my chutney - I have the apples and now I have the green tomatoes too, or I will have.

Today is tuition day but before then I am wearing my governor's hat again, this time to help with some work scrutiny.  I'm quite looking forward to that.

And today's food:
B:  oat bran galette with spiced plums and yogurt, apple
L:  broccoli soup, pear
D:  fish fingers, mini new pots, corn on the cob, runner beans; yogurt and fruit

Have a great day, whatever the weather.


  1. Hi , as a knew reader of your lovely blog I am trying to read some of your back posts and find out what relation all the different people are but failing. Any chance of a potted history and a rough guide to who is who😊
    Take care,
    Alison. P.S. Do you you make your own yogurt and if so how😊

  2. Hello, how lovely of you to comment. I'm so glad you like reading about my doings!
    I will do a thing tomorrow. :-)
    J x