Monday 3 October 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Another new week with plenty of things to do!

Yesterday was a good day (as usual).  I pottered around in the kitchen and Thermione did her usual good job making . . .
tomato ketchup (finishing it off so I could jar it anyway)

a very nice home made soup (with enough left over for today as well), a sort of very vague minestrone type affair

which I ate with one of the mini-fougasse I made, just plain and very delicious

while in the afternoon my spelt and granary loaves moved slowly towards baking.

One of these is now sliced and in the freezer while the other one is waiting to be delivered.
And I have an order for a herb and olive fougasse too - not a mini one, a proper sized one for later on in the week.  Nice!

Today I shall be going to the school's Harvest Festival this morning and then the day's my own.  I want to sort out a few kitchen cupboards and generally do a bit of a clear out and then I shall get the planning done for this week's tuition this afternoon so that's out of the way.

Then, this evening, two of my favourite programmes are on - University Challenge followed by Only Connect.  In fact, Monday is a great evening's viewing all through so I shall set up my ironing board and make hay of the stack of weekend washing.

Today's food:
B:  baked oats with grated apple and cinnamon.
L:  the other half of the minestrone soup with a mini-fougasse, melon
D:  Italian chicken sausages, new pots, runner beans, chutney; yogurt and pineapple


  1. I just love the smug feeling I get when getting questions right on those programmes. Especially that Only Connect programme!

  2. Sometimes you just 'get' it, don't you. I'm more often right on U C than Connect - which isn't saying much really!

    J x