Saturday 8 October 2016


Would you believe we are already a quarter of the way through October?  I'm finding it hard to credit that the time is passing so quickly but it is!  It's been a good night's sleep too and I am only just awake so maybe my spell of restlessness is over.  It doesn't look wonderful; out there and yesterday was definitely dull, damp and dismal but never mind, that's what four walls, a roof and central heating are all about, isn't it?

I enjoyed the swim yesterday.  Now that it is term time, there are also school groups using the pool which limits the available swimming space but Beth and I just go sideways into the diving pool part where three lengths equals one of the main pool's lengths and chug backward and forward in there.  We have a pattern - two full lengths and a little chat, two lengths and a little chat.  Works for us and makes it a fun social time as well as some exercise.  In the diving pit we tread water between lengths as it is so deep, of course, so we're still moving!

Then it was home, James, and Beth came too.  She carried on with something she is making for a friend and I carried on with one of the owls which is almost finished now.  I just have to locate some buttons, sew on the wings and the back and then stuff which are minor jobs.
I taught Beth how to insert a zip so now she knows!

I made another batch of cream of mushroom soup as we both love it so much and it was delicious.  Part of that might be because as I was making it I forgot I was doing a half quantity and added the full amount of cream.  It wasn't a lot anyway, granted, but it did make a difference so I will remember that.
It was supposed to make enough for two but they must have means two extremely hungry people because there's enough left for my lunch today.

I also made some spelt bread using a new recipe that has sunflower seeds, allspice and cumin and it definitely made for an extremely tasty loaf.  The texture was very open as it is a one rise recipe, but oh, the flavour!

Today, weather permitting, I am going into town.  I don't HAVE to but I do have a short list of items to get from Lakeland and I really would like to explore the new shopping centre.  I know all the shops aren't open yet but Foyles, White Company and John Lewis . . . you know . . .

So as a treat (yes, I am fortunate I can), I have given myself permission to spend.   It's interesting, but when I have done this before, the results have been interesting in that somehow I don't really seem to want, even less need, very much at all.  There are a few things I will be looking for.  For example, I have run out of nice room spray, the sort you get in National Trust shops, and it might be the sort of thing the White Company has.
Anyway, we will see.

Once home, I shall probably drop.  I find shopping quite hard, even if it is fun, and I dislike crowds, which is why I am going early.

After a restorative coffee, I need to deal with multiple runner beans and also I reckon the tomatoes are coming to the end of their lives so I will strip the montellos and then see how the others are looking.  Green tomato chutney, here we come!

Today's food plans:
B:  banana pancake with yogurt and honey; apple
L:  mushroom soup; pear
D:  jacket potato with corned beef and runner beans; stewed apple and custard

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