Sunday 9 October 2016


Good morning and welcome to a fairly chilly early Sunday.  It looks to be dry out there from the little I can see, and BBC weather tells me it should remain dry but not particularly warm.  Well, it's October, so fair enough!

I did go into town yesterday, despite the drizzle, and stayed out for three and a half hours - that's a very long time for me.  Mind you, that included food shopping at Sainsbury's and filling up the car as it kept bleeping at me to let me know it was going to strand me in the middle of nowhere if I didn't get my act together!

It was lovely in town (and I rarely say that!).  I headed for the new underground car park (under John Lewis) and there was a very pleasant young man directing people in the right direction.  A nice car park too, no dark and dismal corners and there were parking 'boxes' that gave room for doors to open.

John Lewis was very new and shiny, of course, and, oh dear me, yes, there is a haberdashery department with loads and loads of paper patterns, some fabric (not too expensive), lots of what they call 'notions' over the pond and yarn - oh, the yarn!
However, I was very, very disciplined and just bought two metres of cotton, one Christmas red and one Christmas tree green.

It's all on three floors and I can see that I will need to go back another time to explore more thoroughly, at a time when there aren't long queues, for a treat of a coffee or a chocolate.

Then I found The White Company and I was right, they do have room sprays and I was hard pressed to make a decision.  In the end I blew some cash on three: two room sprays (one is for Christmas) and a pillow mister, but I can see I will be working my way through them all over the next months and years because there wasn't one I didn't like.

Then I discovered that we now have a Hotel Chocolat!  Yes, we do, Beth!!  Oh, dear, oh dear!

I wasn't over impressed with Foyles.  Yes, it was good, all bookshops of that ilk are, but I don't think it's as good as Waterstones which isn't too far away.

Finally I went to Lakeland and bought everything I needed so, all in all, a very successful trip.

When I got the the car park before nine it was almost completely empty.  When I got back it was jam packed full!  I was glad I went early!

I was all spent out yesterday because I also got a cardi and a jumper at Sainsbury's.  I've not bought myself any clothes for a very long time so I don't feel guilty, but I will need to be frugal now for a few weeks.

After all that, I spent the afternoon recovering and the evening watching Strictly!

Today is going to be another quiet day, mainly spent cooking/baking and sewing.  Nice.

Food plans:
B  on the plan it's bran flakes, but in reality I think it will be a banana pancake as yesterday because it was so delicious!  I've blogged about it over on Teacher's Recipes!
L:  Someone has recommended roasted tomato and apple soup and, seeing as I have the ingredients, I shall give it a whirl.  It's a thermomix recipe.
D:  corned beef left over from yesterday and I did an extra jacket potato too so that adds up to corned beef hash, a childhood favourite and I also have more runner beans.  Dessert will probably be yogurt and pineapple.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a contented day.


  1. I've just posted about my day today and it, too, involved soup. I may crack open the corned beef that has been hiding at the back of the cupboard sometime this week and eat some of the runner beans with it from the garden.

  2. Snap! It was all jolly tasty, I have to say! Loving the way the runner beans are going on and on and on!
    J x