Saturday 22 October 2016


Good morning, everyone.  Apologies for not appearing yesterday.  A combination of busy-ness and not-feeling-wonderful got in the way.  I didn't sleep all that well on Thursday night which didn't help!

I did get some stuff done yesterday.  As we had arranged, Beth and I went to 'And Sew On', specifically to look for fabric for a commission but also just to look.  Beth drove, for which I was duly grateful and we found the fabric she needed plus a bit more.

As we have several owls on order, today I will be quilting the fronts, I think.  That's the biggie.  As well as the ones we are making for others, we want to make two with Christmas fabric, for the school Christmas Fair raffle.  I've sorted out the materials from what we have in stock and now just need to get going!

Colds are rotten, aren't they?  Hopefully this will be the first and last of this winter and I am grateful that it is a cold, just a cold, not anything worse.

This week's been a bit of a disaster on the food front and I MUST get back in control.  So, today's food and fingers crossed . . .
B:  bacon and tomatoes
L:  bits and bobs soup (from stuff that needs using up in the fridge)
D:  Roasted chicken leg portion, sweet potato wedges, runner beans, yogurt and stewed apple


  1. Colds are horrid you feel so rotten but aren't really ill so you struggle on regardless. Now here is an idea imagine I was staying with you and had a dreadful cold what would you do with me. Now do the same with yourself.

  2. Mmmm - that's a good point. Thank you. You're right, of course. J x

  3. Mmmmm bacon! I've not had any for so long!