Thursday 6 October 2016


Hello, everyone.  I'm up really early again.  Just occasionally it gets me down a bit.  Just before five is one thing but just before four seems way too early.  When I was younger, I used to be able to snooze but not any more.  I just get stiff and restless and have to get up.

I suppose maybe it's a good thing as I do have planning to look over and tweak:  I intend to get that done after I've finished this so it's off my mind.  Then I have a free morning (no diary commitments, anyway) so maybe I can have a little snooze.

I feel much more presentable now after the lovely Sharon came over and did my hair.  That's the problem with short hair.  When I had very long hair, and chopped my own fringe, it really didn't matter but now it needs regular attention.  It feels lovely when it's done though!

The rest of the day went well.  I made some mushroom pate for Beth to take home and some ginger fairings for the governors' meeting in the evening.  Beth and I did a bit of owling too.  Just over a year  ago I started quilting and ambitiously tried to make a gift for a colleague who had just had a baby.  The individual panels went well but the putting it all together wasn't so good and the quilt, although finished, was never given - I made a better one!

I kept it because it seemed wrong to chuck it.

Recently, we were given an order for an owl, slightly smaller than the ones we usually make, and the colour was specified.  I looked thoughtfully at this quilt and realised that one of the panels would make a great front for the owl, was the right colour and was already quilted so guess what - it's now been cut back into the four panels and one of them is on the way to becoming an owl!  I am happy that the work I did is not going to be wasted.

Today's food:
B:  bran flakes, apple
L:  home made veg soup, melon
D:  tuna pasta bake, orange
S:  choccy drink


  1. I hate waking early now bc it's SO DARK. It doesn't seem to matter so much in Summer BC you can get u n have a cuppa in the garden! I HATE THE DARK

  2. I don't, I love it. It makes me feel all cosy and safe and very grateful for my four walls and a roof! :-)
    J x