Thursday 20 October 2016


This week has turned out to be such a busy week!  Monday was supposed to be a more restful day (despite certain commitments) but I ended up teaching all day (must remember to get the claim form into the office this morning).  Tuesday is busy anyway.  Yesterday I was sorting out the mess I call home in the morning and then out for lunch before tuition.  Today I am back in school all day!

No, not teaching this time.  The morning is a governor's visit and the afternoon is granny reading.  Then it's more tuition!  Yay!

OK, I admit, 'busy' doesn't mean the same as it did two years ago, thank goodness, and I am certainly not complaining, but a day's rest would have been lovely as the slightly 'urgh' feeling from earlier in the week/last weekend has thoroughly landed as the first cold of the season.  This is where I am so glad of stuff to quell the aches!

This morning should be good though.  It is Y5 Greek morning and they all bring in some Greek food to try.  I enjoyed it last year and I will enjoy it this year too.

Back to yesterday.  The Hare was as good as it always is and we chatted and laughed and it was all lovely.  The three of us have all worked together - J was head for a while and L was my SEN supply cover - so we go back a long way and had plenty to chat about.
I chose the nachos (mini plate) and brought half of it home for dinner.  I'm glad I went for the mini plate version:  I hate to think how big the normal portion would have been!

Today's food:
B:  yogurt and fruit
L:  nothing as I will have pigged myself on Greek food all morning
D:  steak pie with veg, orange

Have a great day.

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