Monday 24 October 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Welcome to a new week and if you have connection with the education scene, welcome to half term!  I have no idea what the weather is like not it stays dark for so much longer, but fingers crossed it is fine.

Yesterday wasn't nice but I'm feeling quite a bit better today.  The cold is 'breaking up' so lots of coughs and sneezes and snuffles but a clearer head and, fingers crossed, a normal temperature.

I haven't yet decided whether to pop into town early to get my new quilt.  I shall have my bath and wash my hair which badly needs it and then see how I feel.  It has to be early because my young teen is coming at eleven to do a bit of garden tidying for me and, as I cancelled him yesterday and know the cash will be useful for half term, I don't want to disappoint him today.

Flippin' tomatoes!  When they were on the plant, they took for ever to ripen.  Now they have all been picked and in a bowl for when I have the time to green tomato chutnify them, they're all turning red.  :-)  I'd have dealt with them ages ago but need to fight my way into the garage to find jars and lids.  I'm inclined towards ordering some jars from the jam jar company, I think.  It does make life easier and people tend to be very good at returning them to me.

I have, however, dealt with the giuliettas that have been ripening on the window ledge and I have some pots of lovely chopped tomatoes in their own juice with the hard core and the seeds removed (which I then pushed through my mouli to recover all the juice).  There's still a few on the plant but I don't think they will ripen outside now so will pick them and see if the window ledge does the necessary.

Dealing with tomatoes is such a squidgy, messy job but at least it isn't sticky!

And since I wrote the above, I have decided to not do an early morning town trip - I will wait until the coughing dies down.  I'm thankful that I am not a smoker or I hate to think how it would be.

Today's food:
B:  bran flakes and an apple
L:  home made tomato soup, an orange
D:  chicken and veg pasta bake, yogurt and fruit

And maybe, just maybe, as I am feeling a fair bit better, I will stick to it!  Fingers crossed, please, everyone.


  1. They are crossed! I'm laid in bed trying to be really quiet as the HG is asleep. It's alluding him so much lately I don't want to disturb him.
    I flipping hate these dark mornings but a peek outside shows it's dry again. I really must shove the spring bulbs in the ground!!

  2. Glad you are feeling better but think you are wise to stay at home. Sadly, in our part of Scotland, half term is finished and everyone goes back today. My teacher's pension comes in on the last banking day of the month, so a challenge to remember, and my state pension every Monday morning-I was born in January 1950 and one of the last people to be able to do this. I elected to pay extra to my pension instead of AVCs, on the advice of my Dad, and I'm glad I did as numbers are not my strong point! I'm off to an upcycling class this morning with likeminded people so happy days. Catriona

  3. Take it easy if you don't have to go out then don't. Give yourself time to recover properly and potter about playing with your tomatoes....

  4. Thanks, all of you.
    Rachel, the finger crossing is helping, as are the swigs of Covonia I'm indulging in. Coughing hurts so the less I can do the better. So glad HG is sleeping.

    Catriona, hope you have a great upcycling class - I rather like the first days back nowadays. :-)

    Diane - I totally agree. I've cancelled tomorrow too although I might go out at some point. I shall see how it goes.

    Thank you, ladies all!
    J x

  5. Stay safe and comfy; there's nothing like cocooning to make you feel better. Especially when you know that there's no work tomorrow. Lots of love from Normandy ! xxx

  6. Hello and welcome! I really enjoyed reading your blog!
    The lack of work pressure makes a huge difference, I am finding. It's going to be another easy day today too. :-)
    J x