Thursday 13 October 2016


In a comment yesterday, Allycoll (a new reader) asked for a bit of a potted history to show how names and events all fit together.
So here we go!

My name is Joy and I am now retired but for most of my adult life I have been a primary teacher.  I have two 'children', Beth and Dave, both independent adults now and I have one grandson, Alex.  He's very bright with special abilities in maths and sciences - which he certainly doesn't get from me!

I began this blog when I was still teaching, hence the title, and am just starting my second year of retirement.  Last year I still taught quite a lot so had a gradual weaning away from something that was terribly hard to lay down, but now I'm enjoying a different life.  However, I still have strong contacts with my school and am now on the governing body.  It's a good way of giving back to a school that has given me so much for so long.

KittyStitches is a little  - well, a sort of thing that Beth and I do.  We both love crafting and we make things for people, sometimes on commission and sometimes for fairs.

I also love homey stuff and appreciate the time to indulge myself now.  Baking, cooking, etc, plus all the crafting all combine to keep me out of trouble.  I'm now totally on top of the washing and ironing and the clothes even get put away!!!
I also do a bit of tuition and will probably do more as the opportunities present themselves.

So that's me!

Yesterday was a funny old day, weather wise.  One minute it was bright and sunny and the next it was chucking it down with rain.  Looks like it's been raining overnight too so it's 'wait and see' for today.  I suspect the tumble dryer will have to creak into action because I have tuition later on and don't want my wee smalls on display!

I was supposed to go into school for a bit of governor stuff but in the end that didn't happen so will happen on Friday instead.  Instead I did a fair bit of clearing up and tidying so downstairs looks reasonably presentable as long as you don't look over at the sewing table!

Today I'm in school again p.m. to granny help.  I'm loving this granny helping - all the fun and none of the hard work.  I usually do some reading with individual children and it's lovely.

I have Alex staying over two nights for the weekend so I am using my new food 'audit' lists to keep his tum satisfied.  Teens do love their food, don't they, and, fortunately, I have plenty of stuff he can help me with by eating it up!  Three cheers!

Today's food:
B:  scrambled egg on toast, apple
L:  soup; pear
D:  turkey curry, rice; yogurt and plums

Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for that....everything fits together nicely now. Got to say I find your daily menus very useful. Inhave gotten to the stage that meal planning has become a bit of a chure so it helps to read what other people are making. I love the easy daily diary style you have. It is almost like talking to a nieghbour...take care, Alison.

  2. Thanks, Alison, that means a lot to me. I think my life must sound very ordinary and maybe a bit dull at times - or, at least, lacking in excitement - but I'm a very happy bunny anyway!
    J x