Saturday 15 October 2016


Good morning, gentle readers, and welcome to half way through October!  It looks a bit dull out there, but not wet, so fingers crossed!  After all, I have sheets to wash (and dry).

I had a lie in this morning.  I didn't wake until nearly seven and, by the time I got out of bed, it was past seven.  I feel great for it too.  Now that the supply work has just about dried up, there's really no need to be up early, it's just my silly metabolism (or whatever) that still wakes me between four and five each day.

Having said that, I have a day's work on Monday which I am very much looking forward to.  I know the class and I know the work.

Yesterday morning I got the delayed work scrutiny done.  It was a delight to be looking at Y1 work again.  Y1 has always been my favourite year and I have been very fortunate to spend so much of my working life with they group, firstly as 'middle infants' and then as year 1 with just the occasional wander off into foundation stage, year 4 and, for my last year, year 2.  I've typed up my findings and just have to do my report of the visit on the governor's form but I will combine that with my attendance at the Greek Feast morning.  No point using two forms when one will do, is there?

Last year, I just turned up at the feast.  This year, seeing as it's Greek, I shall come bearing gifts, specifically a Greek honey cake.  I have a recipe, although I will need to leave out the walnuts as the school, like most schools now, is a nut-free zone.  Apart from that, I have all the other ingredients anyway!

In the evening, Alex turned up and was pleased when I presented him with his own front door key.  It's about time: he is adult and it will make it easier for him to come and go as he likes.  Beth and Dave have keys so Al should too.

I enjoyed the evening's telly.  Three funny shows one after the other.  Would I Lie to You, Have I Got News For You and Bake Off: an Extra Slice!  It gets better next week because onto them I will add the new series of Q I.
Maybe I slept so well because I chuckled my way through much of the evening - who knows?

Today is a homey sort of day.  Alex will probably be going back home to have a cook in.  There are loads of potatoes from the allotment and he wants to create stuff in the kitchen.  As for me, my next tidy up project is the yellow room which is the small bedroom over the stairs.  You see, it tends to be the dumping ground but every Christmas all the rubbish has to be dumped in my room because it is needed for my brother.  This year I want to dump the rubbish in the bin rather than in my bedroom where it tends to stay until I dump it back in the yellow room again.  Daft, isn't it - what a waste of time over the years!

As is typical in these rooms, there is a big cupboard over the stair head and that is crammed with stuff that hasn't emerged for decades - really, decades - so most of that is for the chop one way or another!  Then, when the junk is sorted, I can set to and sort out my books.  I have far too many (if that is possible) and many I will never read again.  Also, some are in a disgusting state!

Once all that is done, it will really easy my work load just before Christmas.

So you can see why it's the next project.  Once I have done that it is just the cupboard under the stairs and then, for the first time ever, the whole house will be in some sort of good order!  That will be amazing!

I shall start that today and carry it over into tomorrow and it should all be done.

Today's food:
I'm not feeling all that hungry so I might combine breakfast and lunch.
Br:  oat bran galette, yogurt and fruit; apple and pear
D:  sausages, chips and veg (I am feeding Alex too); strawberry yogurt ice cream
S:  choccy drink.


  1. I always get some sort of pop up whenever I try to comment here, wanting me to update things. Grrr! Rant over, comment coming. It's great when you know what's in every cupboard and what's on every shelf. You get a feeling of being in control of everything in the house. Good luck with your sorting.

  2. I see a family trait appearing if Alex likes cooking too! Glad to see you are enjoying retirement and having fun:)