Thursday 1 September 2016


Good morning!
Pinch and punch - there, that's got the traditional bit done!
It looks as if it is going to be another wonderfully sunny but not baking hot day today.  I'm loving this week - my sort of weather.

Well, the boiler and the central heating are all now in tip-top condition and ready to go.  What's the betting we will have the warmest winter ever and the heating won't be needed!  There's something very reassuring though about knowing it's all working properly, isn't there?

I asked Matt and he gave the the contact info for a painter/decorator that he can thoroughly recommend.  He is coming this afternoon to take a look at my bedroom.  Yes, in this current mood of 'spoil myself', I have decided to neaten up the decor in my bedroom.  Nothing lavish, far from it.  In fact I am hoping that the walls will be in good enough condition under the paper to paint and if they're not, then I will ask him to make good so that they can be.  I need a new, properly fitting curtain rail so that can be done too and I'm hoping he can also deal with the centre fan light and the lights above my bed too.  I might ask him how much it will cost to get rid of the nasty artex ceiling.  I might even then get some new curtains although I'm not sure about that because I still like the ones I have.
In for a penny . . .

Yesterday was another gentle, easy day.  Once Matt had gone, I went onto Amazon and bought some Kindle books to read next week.  I made some orange squash using Thermione (very nice with ice and sparkly water).  I did some ironing.  I talked to the tomatoes (well, sort of anyway).  I went to feed Beth's cats.

Today, this morning I have a tuition session, after lunch a friend is coming round for coffee and a chat and after that Paul is coming to look at what needs doing in the bedroom and give me a quote.  And I have to feed the cats.  A much busier day than yesterday but still very pleasant and sociable.

Here's today's update with apologies for the fuzziness thereof.

Now 'all' I need is a glorious September with no blight inducing weather!

Today's food:
B:  two boiled eggs, apple
L:  steamed salmon with a salad, orange
D:  Chili con carne with rice, melon and strawberries


  1. I would love those tomatoes they look like san marzano I can almost taste them from here !!!!

  2. Giulietta is what they are called. I'm sure there's not much difference. I remembered what you said a while ago about large Italian plums being great for cooking - very fleshy - and am looking forward to trying them out. Saturday, I think.

    J x