Thursday 15 September 2016


Good morning!

It was another scorcher yesterday which I mostly spent indoors, popping out from time to time to water the tomatoes, hand out the washing, bring in the washing, etc.  Even the evening was warm and overnight my bedroom was a bit uncomfortable.  I've opened the French window and lovely cool air is now flooding into the living room, thank goodness, although I will have to close it again if, as I expect, I will get sleepy and go up for an extra kip in a little while.

In-between bits of planning, I managed to get three loads of washing clean, pegged out, dried and, mostly, ironed.  I just have two fitted sheets and one quilt cover to do today and then the ironing basket will be empty again!

Tuition went well and then I waited for Beth to pick me up for a meal with the girls at the Hare.  That was lovely; lots of laughter and chatting.  I had what I'd planned: Mexican style nachos, which looks a lot more than a 'mini-bowl' and which Beth had to help me finish off.  It was tasty - cheesy nachos with re fried beans, guacamole and sour cream.  Just one scoop of lemon sorbet was all I wanted for dessert.  It was also very reasonable - well under a tenner for the lot.  I find it is the drinks that often pile up the bill and I just had water with ice which was both hydrating and free!!!

Today is another tuition day so I need to plan this morning.  There's also a guestroom to make up for more visitors who arrive on Monday and some cupboards to sort out.  Also, the way those tomatoes are ripening in this warm, sunny weather, I will be making some more passata.  There's still a load of the large plum Giuliettas still to ripen so I reckon I will have loads on the freezer to see me through the winter.  I might just peel and chop some instead of cooking and sieving as there are very few seeds, easily removed, and loads of flesh.  If I can, I shall write next week's menu and do the shopping list so it is all ready for Saturday morning.

Today's food is back on the wagon after yesterday's little indulgence.
B:  slice of bacon with tomatoes; apple
L:  red pepper hummus, oatcakes, salad batons; orange and melon
D:  runner bean bolognaise; fruit and yogurt.

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