Saturday 24 September 2016


It's Saturday!  I know, just another day of retired idleness but even so!  Saturday.

First of all, Diane, thank you so much for the recipe.  I've made it but wasn't able to eat it yesterday so I will have it this evening.  I changed a few bits: I added wine as well as water and I shall thicken it a bit with some thickening granules.  It is absolutely delicious and made the house smell wonderful.

Yesterday and Thursday I caught up with quite a pile of washing which included visitors' sheets.  Yesterday evening I set the ironing board up in front of the telly and worked through the lot.  Now all I have to do is wash my own sheets and that's that for the week.  Cheers!

After swimming yesterday Beth came round and we had a good natter while she got on with some sewing.  I made soup for lunch and after she left I popped up to school to pick up two lovely bags of spelt flour from a friend.  I shall try it out after I've been to the market today.

I had a bit of a scare in the evening (if 'scare' is the right word).  When I went up to bed, the shower light was flickering on and off, on and off but no water.  I had no idea what was the problem so I fired off a message to the lovely Matt and slept soundly - and this morning it was OK again, working perfectly.  Really weird.

I also spent some time going through some new Thermomix recipe books that I have acquired.  Occasionally I have a slight sense of guilt about these books but then I remind myself that cooking is a hobby and it's just a bit of pleasure really.  Anyway - looking through, there's loads of recipes I want to try so, after I've done the bread, I might have a go at the red onion balsamic relish which looks really delicious.

I also want to have a go at Delia's mincemeat.  Now I have more time, I'm taking on more of the Christmas cooking.  Mum has always made the mince pies but this year I shall have a go and hope that my new found and somewhat fragile pastry skills hold up!  Not today though as I have enough plans.

So it's off to the market first for some thread, zips and, if possible, a handbag.  While I was on holiday, on my visit to Snape Maltings, I indulged in a lovely new purse/wallet thingy.  It's gorgeous and so it should be at that price, but ever so slightly too large for my bag which was too small anyway.  There's a good (and cheap) handbag stall in the market so I shall go and get one, if possible.

Then it's home again to do lots of sweet, homey, simple things for the rest of the day.  Bread, chutney, sewing, crochet, changing my sheets - all those little things that make life such a a pleasure.

Today's food:
B:  yogurt, fruit, granola, melon
L:  ham salad wrap, apple
D:  chorizo and potato stew with runner beans, orange


  1. They certainly are life's pleasures, I can think of no better way to spend my time than a bit of crochet and bread making xx

  2. Aren't they just? Absolutely delightful and productive too.
    J x