Sunday 18 September 2016


Morning, everyone.

After a shop that was big enough to turn the bank manager pale, the rest of yesterday was quite lazy.  I made some plum jam with star anise that turned out absolutely delicious and carried on with the little dress I am making.

It was cold all day, stayed cold overnight and is still cold this morning.  'Cold' is a comparative term, of course, it is nowhere near winter cold, just chilly enough to wear an extra layer and not to go bare footed.  I'm crocheting a poncho at the moment and the thick layers keep me warm!

Today I have a pile of things.  The kitchen needs another tidy up but that won't take too long.  After that I have bread to make, sewing to finish, a bedroom to prepare and some admin stuff to do.  I think I also need to get stuck into some tuition planning as I won't have much time to do it this coming week.  Beth and Al are over for lunch.

Today's menu:
B:  two boiled eggs, apple
L:  jacket potato with mince topping, salad, coleslaw, orange
D:  a sort of chorizo and potato bake thingy which I will make up if I don't get a recipe!  Then togurt with fruit


  1. Hi Joy, I'm still in shorts and summer frock today. I made scones, cherry for the HG and plain for the boy. And now I'm thinking about tidying up by sitting on my bed immersed in Blogland!

  2. Sorry, I missed this so am late responding. Cherry scones sound wonderful - so English!
    J x