Tuesday 13 September 2016


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't it a glorious day yesterday.  By the evening the bedroom fans were on and stayed on all night which helped me to have a good nights sleep with only one wakey spell and a rather weird dream early morning.

I was back at school, not my school but one I had just accepted an appointment to as a class teacher.  It was the pre term meeting and it was a terrible school.  My classroom was one of those huge old Victorian classrooms (lovely)  with wooden chairs piled from floor to high ceiling (not so lovely and no tables to work at!) and huge, battered display boards with posters on from WWII - and they looked as if they'd been there since the war too.  I was told I was in charge of driving the mini bus and I refused until I had the proper training so there was a row about that.  For some reason the deputy head of 'my' real school was there too and she was backing me up, offering advice and saying I could always come back if I wanted to.  I also refused to take on the choir until I'd get settled into the job.  Then in walked the head and introduced us to the OFSTED team - and then I woke up!

I suppose that was all because this morning is the first Granny Helping of the new school year and you can be sure I woke with a huge sense of relief!

I was hoping to take my guest to a few places these two days but when I googled around just about everywhere is closed Monday and Tuesday which was rather a blow.  Yesterday we ended up staying in and having a jolly good chat about all sorts of stuff.  Beth stayed for lunch so it was very pleasant all round.

I went into town and now I have my new glasses.  It's so lovely not to feel that they might be falling off at any point and the sellotape that was just at the edge of my peripheral vision (which, they said, was excellent) was really bugging me so I'm glad that's gone!  As I have two 'normal' pairs plus the sunglasses, I threw the old pair away with a slight pang because I did like them.  If I'd only had one pair, I'd have kept them in case, but there was no point and I'm trying not to hoard.

The healthy eating was blown right out of the water last night as we get a take away fish and chips - one portion of fish each and a shared portion of chips - and it was delicious.  Today I shall have to be careful!  :-)

So - today:
B:  natural yogurt with granola and blueberries; apple
L:  not sure, it depends what we do; if we stay in it might be something like scrambled egg on toast; fruit yogurt
D:  probably jacket potato with tuna mayo and a salad; fruit

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