Saturday 17 September 2016


I can't believe how quickly this month is going.  We're not far off two thirds of the way through and time is just whizzing by.

I'm a bit late again this morning.  I did an early morning shop so it's all done and ready now, for the whole week, I hope.  I am trying not to do top up shops.

What a change in the weather yesterday.  Wet, windy and increasingly chilly.  Today I wore a thin coat to go shopping and I wished I had put tights on too.  Still, it was a pleasure to be able to snuggle under the quilt and I am sure I slept better for it.

While at Sainsbury's, I treated myself - or treated my car - to a wash and wax and it looks so much better.  It was getting shockingly dirty but it's gleaming again now - so what's the betting it will rain now!

Well, better go.  I still have food to put a way and a kitchen to tidy.  Have a good day.

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