Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  It looks as if the last day of August will be a very pleasant one, weather wise, with plenty of sun and a high of 23 C according to the BBC.  That is just about right for me.

Yesterday was a quiet, pleasant day.  Matt the Plumber came, worked hard, sorted out the slight problem with the shower, replaced the boiler, advised me on another plumbing issue, tidied up and went.  Very efficient, very quiet, I'd recommend him to anyone.  If you live round my way you couldn't do better.

While Matt was taking over the kitchen, I was at a bit of a loose end so I went upstairs and tacked my yarn cupboard and pondered on how to reorganise some stuff in there.  Anything that had been wound into a ball went in a wicker basket that I no longer need or want in my room and all the sock yarn went in another box.  I think I will carry on today and finish the whole cupboard off completely.

So today is more of the same as Matt finishes it all off.  I have to go and feed some cats but apart from that there are no other commitments so I can do as I please really.  Downstairs needs a bit of a tidy up - nothing too bad but it will be if I don't deal with it now - and, of course, this evening it is Bake Off.  It's biscuit week which is always an enjoyable one, although my absolute favourite is bread week.

I will, of course, be on tomato watch.  It's all looking good out there.

Also looking good is the tayberry as I mentioned yesterday.  It's definitely decided that it likes where it is and that it's going to stay this time.  It has three clear growing stems and it looks as if it is sending out a few more but I think I will cut those back come the autumn as I only want to start with three, one for each wire.

And here, because you are all, of course, wildly excited and curious about the tomatoes < cough >, is yesterday evening's state of affairs!  I remembered what they are called - Giulietta.  Despite the lateness, if the taste matches the appearance, I might get another one next year.  It's certainly producing plenty of fruit anyway so will more than cover its costs.

On to today's food:
B:  puffed wheat with fruit, apple
L:  gala pie with a salad, melon
D:  steamed salmon, new pots, tomato salad (I have rather a lot of them!), orange

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