Wednesday 14 September 2016


Phew, wasn't it a scorcher yesterday?  So hot that we didn't want to go out: we just stayed indoors with the curtains half across and the fan on.  It's still warm as I type so the windows are wide open and the fan is on!

It was very nice to be back in school again.  I received a warm welcome and three 'Your hair looks lovely' comments.  As I've not changed my hairstyle, I expect it was the new glasses really but people didn't realise!  The littlies seem to have settled in rather well and everything flowed smoothly.  I got stages 2 and 3 sorted out, numbered and listed and only have to finish two more boxes of books so felt I'd done a good half morning's work.

While chatting to a colleague, I was asked would I like some apples (from her tree), then would I like some plums.  As you may imagine, the answer was a hearty 'yes, please'.  I think I might use some of the apples to make a vegetarian mincemeat that mu Mum used to make, ready for Christmas.  it will make a nice 'thank you' to the donor too, a bit different to the usual jam/chutney.

While I was away, I had some pickled red cabbage and carrot as part of a pub meal and it was absolutely delicious.  As it happened, there was an article in this month's Good Food mag about the new way of pickling too, so I intend to have a go.  Cider Vinegar is now on the shopping list and googling for mor info is on the 'to do' list.

In the afternoon, Al and I had a lovely time chatting about this, that and the other and then we turned on the telly for the usual teatime TV to which I have added a new programme called 'Yes, Chef'.  Another cookery competition (did we really NEED another one?), it's quite good fun really.

Today Al leaves and tuition resumes so I have planning to do plus a few emails to answer which will take most of the morning and some of the afternoon as well.  I've got into the habit of checking my finances every day so that's already done - a daily check is far less onerous than doing it weekly, I have found, and then I know exactly where I am.  Because my income now comes in from three different sources and at different times, just a glance at the amount available doesn't tell the whole story: for example, two of next month's amounts are already in.  I just find it 'safer' to work that way, a month behind, so to speak.

I have a stack of tomatoes to turn into passata as well.  It is so easy to make a basic passata and it's lovely to have it over the window for casseroles and soups.  The plum tomatoes are great for this while the sungolds are delicious eaten just as they are (but are also delicious fried or roasted).  There are still loads to come so I really shouldn't complain about the warmth - they are loving it!

As it's such a great day, weather wise, I will perhaps do some washing and drying.  I'll have a set of bed linen to add to my stuff so there will be enough for two loads which is good.  With any luck I will get the ironing done too before going out to meet the girls at the Hare for dinner.

That's about it really - life has slowed down again now that the holiday is over and school stuff has resumed although, looking at the above, it doesn't look that slow.  I suppose it is comparative; many of my duties are small, gentle things that can wait a day or two, if necessary

Today's food:
B:  fried tomatoes on a crumpet, probably; apple
L:  red pepper hummus; oat cakes; celery, carrot and lettuce; orange
D:  at the Hare.  I think I might go for the mini Mexican style nachos and I almost always have a sorbet for a dessert.

Have a wonderful day, whatever you are doing, and stay cool and hydrated as much as you possibly can.

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