Thursday, 22 September 2016


Good morning and apologies for yesterday's non-appearance.  What with one thing and another, there just wasn't the time to sit and write an entry.

There's two days to ramble on about.
The weather wasn't looking too promising on Tuesday so we decided to defer Cressing Temple until Wednesday.  I popped into school to do my nanny helper duties and sped home again afterwards.  Mum needed some knitting yarn so we decided to pop out to Hobbycraft (any excuse) and then, if Hobbycraft didn't have what she wanted, we could go to the market in the town centre.

Well - you know me and Hobbycraft.  I just love looking around and, as Mum hasn't been there for ages, we most certainly did have a good look round!  Quite a long time later, after admiring loads of stuff on the ground floor including some Christmas craft items which I would have dearly loved as a child, we took the lift to the second floor where the yarn is and found just what Mum wanted.  I also found some fabric for a project I need to work on over the weekend - more about that in a while as it's for someone at school.

On the second floor, there's a table and chairs.  It's there for their Knitter-Natter sessions and for anyone to sit at, if necessary, maybe to look through patterns, etc.  On the table were some end of line knitting and crochet patterns and three of them jumped into my basket!  Yes, they did!

Then it was 'home, James' and while Mum started the knitting, I started the dinner!

Yesterday it was the deferred visit to Cressing Temple.  We had a light lunch first (toasted teacake and Tiptree jam and very tasty it was too!) before starting to wander around.  After a very enjoyable time we decided that enough was enough (after all, Mum and Dad are both coming up ninety) and that another visit or two  was most certainly on the agenda, one of which will have to be next May/June to see the walled garden again.

Today it is 'home, James' again for Mum and Dad.  As for me, it's a busy day.  I will have sheets to wash and dry, food leftovers to sort out, one lot of planning to finish - I did two lots early yesterday morning - some Nanny reading at school and tuition late afternoon/early evening.  Phew.

Today's food
B:  apple crumble leftover yogurt, granola, apple
L:  ham salad, orange
D:  fish pie and broccoli (both leftovers from yesterday), melon


  1. Sounds like a lovely couple of days. I've not been to Hobbycraft for a long long time. A visit is overdue....