Monday 5 September 2016


Good morning and welcome to the start of the new school year.  Guess what - it's raining!  Typical!  Let's hope it cheers up in time for playtime!  A wet playtime on the first day of the school year is simply unfair!

First of all, Rachel, here's the link.

Yesterday went quickly what with one thing and another.  It was pleasantly cool, thank goodness, and there was a fair amount of sun as well as some cloud.

I got all the washing and ironing done and then found, annoyingly, that I had to re-wash a couple of T shirts so they are now hanging over the back of two chairs.  They will dry before I need to leave.

Today is all about leaving everything in a reasonably tidy state for my house sitter.  Can't leave a mess, that would be rude!

No menu planning for the next few days.

Have a good day, whatever you are doing, work or play.