Friday 2 September 2016


Good morning, everyone.  It is way, way too early to tell what the weather is going to be but I've been out to the freezer and it's cool and dry (weather, not freezer) so looking good!

As I expected, yesterday was glorious.  Fence to fence sunshine all day but not too hot.  Just perfect again.  The tomatoes are ripening rapidly now and every time I went out into the back garden I came back in with a handful.  I need to process some of them!

Tuition went well.  I'm loving it: it's a great substitute for class teaching, keeps my hand in and it's just good fun.  Then I had time to do a bit of clearing and some hoovering before lunch.  My friend came round at last (we've had to cancel several times) and it was super to catch up with her news and just chatter.  She brought some home made marmalade with her and I swapped it for a pot of my yellow plum jam.  Bartering at its best!

She was just going when Paul came round to quote for the bedroom decorating - I am waiting to hear from him now.  He's all booked up for some weeks, which is reassuring.  I'd worry if he had said he could come next week or something like that!

The plums never arrived because S had forgotten she didn't have my address and I didn't answer her email until it was too late.  However, we will both be in school today so I can see her then.

After a good night's sleep and an early wakening (before four), today is mostly booked up.  I have to go and feed the cats early because I'm due in school at 9:30 for the school conference.  Once that's over, apart from the second cat feeding in the afternoon, the rest of the day is free so I shall sort out the plums and deal with them.  I also have to do something with the tomatoes that are gathering on the window ledge so I think I shall make some passata for the freezer and maybe look up some tomato sauce recipes as well.

Today's food:
B:  bacon and fried tomatoes, apple
L:  soft cheese, oatcakes, carrot and celery sticks, melon
D:  pork and veg curry with rice, plum yogurt

I've just been out to the freezer to get the food for today and felt some drops of rain.  There's no indication of rain on the Beeb site but they say it is going to be cloudy all day so it maybe humid.

Ho hum, well, we will see.  The school hall has air con, if that is so.


  1. It's very warm here today, shame I was at school! Going to have tea in the garden it's so nice! Sausage n pasta! Yum

  2. It is a shame, yes. Are the children back yet or has it been INSET?
    All the best with your new role.

    J x

  3. It was INSET. Back to school tomorrow for real tmrw!

  4. All the best and I hope it goes well for you.
    J x