Friday 23 September 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Welcome to an early Friday morning.

For someone with virtually nothing written in the diary, I seem to be having a very busy two days.
Yesterday, after Mum and Dad left (good journey, no problems with traffic) I set to and washed the bedding so that's now just waiting to be ironed.  I sorted out a huge pile of tomatoes (passata/freezer) and thought I really ought to dig out the tomato ketchup recipe I made last year.
Then, before I went into school in the afternoon, I sorted out the planning and got it all set out and ready.
Reading with year 2 was super and then it was tuition which all went really well.
I was tired after all that!

Today I've started off the day by ironing the fabric and cutting out the pieces for the gift I am making.  In a little while I'm going swimming with Beth and then I will sew and knit, do a bit of gardening, sort out a corner of the kitchen and generally keep things moving.  Later I am pick up some spelt flour from a friend so tomorrow I will be making spelt bread for the first time.

With Autumn coming ever closer and a garden overshadowed by a tree (falling leaves, etc), I bought a garden hoover yesterday.  Not an expensive one but to give it a go.  It blows and sucks at different speeds and - well, we will see.  It warns against trying to suck up wet leaves but I doubt I'd be doing that anyway.  It wasn't terribly expensive so I don;t feel too guilty.

The project I was working on has now been delivered and the recipient has - er - received their gift so I can post photos.  They're not great (the photos) but you will get the idea.
It's got a deep hem so can be turned down quite a bit.  The colour's not come out well on the photo.

Sweet little cardigan.

Detail of the pattern.

Today's food:
B:  before swimming: apple.  After swimming: toast and marmalade
L:  Ham salad, orange
D:  Chorizo and potato stew (thank you, Diane), yogurt and melon