Saturday 3 September 2016


Good morning, gentle readers: welcome to Saturday!
After a dull and gloomy day yesterday - when I went to bed last night there was some drizzle in the air (and on the windows which is how I knew) - today looks much more promising with a clear sky and wispy clouds.  It remained cool all day yesterday which, actually, was rather nice and meant a comfortable and comforting snuggle under the quilt at bed time.

Have you noticed I have changed the blog name a little bit.  It seemed silly not to really, seeing as I have no contractual work and supply looks a bit thin on the horizon.

After a morning at the school conference where I 'liaised' (mostly chatted) to the two subject leaders with whose curriculum areas I am linked, setting a few dates for visits, I came home laden with a big bag of victoria plums.  Beautiful plums too, so I have set some aside for munching over the weekend and the rest are now in the maslin pan, having been stewed, measured and mixed with sugar which has now dissolved.  I also added one star anise as I have found that it gives just the faintest hint of warm spiciness which is lovely with the plumminess.

I also made the passata and not my window ledge looks more reasonable again but - BUT - I picked the first two giuliettas so guess what I am having for breakfast, fried, on an oat bran galette.  Yum!

(please excuse wrinkled old hand!)
After feeding the cats, I came home to a lovely, lazy evening although I kept nodding off and missed most of Bake Off : an Extra Slice because I simply couldn't keep my eyes open any more.

Today will be fun.  One more cat feed and that's my duty done.  I like Beth's cats but not all the rigmarole that goes with owning a pet, especially not doing the litter stay (shudder).
Once that's done, I will be plum jamming, washing, ironing and prepping my packing and planning my route and visits to places.  The house sitter is all organised (thank you S) so the plants should be OK.

Today's food:
B:  Oat bran galette with fried tomatoes, apple
L:  breaded chicken with a salad, melon, three plums
D:  cottage pie with sweet potato topping, runner beans and peas, stewed plums with yogurt

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