Monday 19 September 2016


Good morning, gentle readers, and welcome to Monday!

Yesterday I get quite a lot done.  I made the bread; doesn't baking bread make the house smell wonderful.  I finished off the little dress and cardigan Kitty Stitches was asked to make for someone and very cute they look too.  I took photos but won't post them until we known the recipient has received them.  It's always the last bits, the finishing off, that takes the time, isn't it?

After sorting out the post-lunch mess in the kitchen, I got on with crocheting my poncho which is going to look very nice, I think.  Ponchos always seem very retro to me as they were all the thing in the 60s but I gather they are 'in' again now.

One thing that I was rather gutted about.  I was asked to do some supply today and had to turn it down because I have friends staying for three nights, starting today.  So sad because nothing has come along for months and then, when it does, I can't.  Oh, well . . .

A nicer things is that I have noticed that some of my strawberries must be autumn fruiting but whether they will come to anything is beyond me.  I have decided that I will just chop off the runners as they reach the edge of the bed and then thin the plants out in the spring.  The thinnings will then go to the allotment, you see.

In the late afternoon, a friend came round with some lovely apples from her tree for me.  They look very sound so I can leave them for a few days but I shall make an apple crumble for tomorrow evening!  Yum.

In the evening, I sat in front of the screen and googled for cottages to rent.  There's quite a number so I have a little short list and will make my decision at some point soon for next April or May.  I am advised that May is a good time to go to Suffolk.

Diane, thank you so much for the recipe.  I had food left over from lunch so didn't make it yesterday evening but it is on the list for Thursday evening, after my guests have gone home.

So today starts with swimming and is then filled with stuff to do, mostly in the kitchen!  I have a ham to boil, a cake to make, biscuits to bake and a granary loaf to make.  Before swimming I will sort out the kitchen so it is ready for go!
Oh, and I have some washing to do too, if the weather seems to be smiling.  I haven't looked out yet!

Today's food:
B:  marmite on toast; apple
L:  last bit of leftovers from yesterday; two mini-oranges
D:  steak, new pots, runner beans, peas, peppercorn sauce; cheese and crackers.


  1. Yes, love the smell of fresh bread baking, though it makes me want to eat it. Apple crumble, delicious, you're making me hungry xx

  2. Amazing how just the thought can make us feel peckish, isn't it?
    J x