Tuesday 13 November 2012


I had a brilliant night's sleep last night.  I fell asleep over the telly so dragged myself upstairs just after eight and slept the clock round until after four this morning (which is OK for me).  No tension, I guess.  Sunday night was better than the usual night-before-an-observation though.  Traditionally, I wake at around twelve thirty and stay awake - really awake - for two hours or so before dropping off again.  On Sunday night I did sleep but had vivid dreams, either about the planned lesson going horribly wrong or about lessons I could have planned that would be SO much better.  Hardly restful.  With the morning came common sense and I didn't panic around changing anything which is just as well, given the positive outcome.

Anyway, all done until next term now and another nice sheet in my PDP.  Not that I know why I'm still fussing with a PDP at my age.  It's not as if I plan to move anywhere else, go for any more promotions (perish the thought) or actively look for new routes.  Habit, I suppose.

Straight after my observation yesterday I had a first read through of our Christmas show with the Year 2s that have been chosen for the speaking parts.  A good bunch.  Nice clear, expressive speaking voices and several were trying to put in gestures as they read their part for the first time.  I can see this will go well.
I also had a thunk about a closing song and, with Andrea's help, came up with a jolly little ditty that ends up with 'Merry Christmas to you', which is just what is needed!  One of these days I will get round to collecting together all the songs I have written over my teaching years - there must be enough for a book by now!

Today I meet the shepherds and the kings.  Yippee!!!!!!

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