Sunday 18 November 2012


Note to self - when cooking slow roasted lamb that takes seven hours and needs to be ready at 1:00, don't lie in bed until 6:45!  Ah well, I'm sure it won't matter too much in the wider scheme of things!

Yesterday was a bit of a lost day.  We spent the last part of the morning and all afternoon back in A&E while they checked Alex over and rebandaged his hand (the bandage had fallen off and also had been vomited on - not good.  This was after advice from the NHS drop in centre who couldn't find a doctor to visit!  Turns out they should never have advised anyone with D or V to turn up at A&E.  Anyway, we got there and after Beth explained everything to the desk lady we were shown to the kiddies waiting place.  A while after that along came a rather cross nurse to put us all in a room away from the other patients.  That was fine, what wasn't fine was that she was cross with Beth!!!!!   I hope that if it was such a naughty thing to do, they dealt with their own procedures and also gave where we had been a good wipe down.  I wonder if they did.

So that was yesterday!  Today will be a whirl of activity this morning, cleaning and tidying downstairs before my visitors come for lunch.  Lunch might be late but then they might arrive late - probably will, in fact!  It'll all pan out OK in the end!  Obviously, Beth and Alex won't be coming over though.

Just one of those casual days - and the lamb is already beginning to smell pretty good so here's hoping!

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