Wednesday 21 November 2012


Well, contrary to my pessimistic comments yesterday, Alex did have his hand operation yesterday.  They were in hospital all day yesterday and I gather Beth was exhausted by the end, but I think things were OK.  I'm glad that is over and that they are both recovering from what has proved to be a most unpleasant twelve days or so.

Yesterday was pretty hairy for me too in that it was unrelentingly work, work, work all day.  In school at 7:30 and straight in, on playground duty morning and afternoon, a full rehearsal over lunch time and two meetings after school.  By the time I got home I was pretty worn out as you may guess, but I've slept like a log!
The timetable gets dodgy from now until the Christmas Show: I feel very sorry for my student but that's reality in a primary school.

Today is PPA (relieved sigh), maths and some science this afternoon (hopefully).  No playground duty.  The children are in family assembly but we are ready for that!  Staff meeting is epipen training so nothing too tricky there.  We will get there, eventually!

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