Friday 30 November 2012


Good morning.  Another cold night overnight, wasn't it, and there's a heavy frost right now?  Yesterday was jolly chilly too and I was hugely relieved that I wasn't on any kind of playground duty.  By the time staff meeting started I was just about dropping but managed to stay awake.  The chap who was leading the phonic training was an interesting speaker so even though I didn't actually learn anything new, I stayed awake.  I think - hope - my junior colleagues did learn something about the part phonics play in early reading and writing though and the experinces and knowledge they bring with them into the juniors.  I'm a great 'believer' in phonics and have been since my teacher training days.  It's not the only route to becoming a reader/writer by a long shot (and I don't care what the government says about that one) but it has its place and a very important place too.

Apart from that, I was really very chuffed with my maths lesson yesterday.  Sometimers it can plod along and sometimes it seems that all the recent lessons come together and the children 'fly'.  Yesterday's lesson felt like flying!  A lovely feeling.

Today is, of course, SEN day.  There's quite a lot of stuff to catch up with and some issues to talk over with colleagues.  It's going to be a busy day so I am thankful for a good night's sleep.

Bring it on . . .  :-)

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