Tuesday 6 November 2012


After the first few hours it was as if last week had never been.  It's amazing how quickly we get back into routine, me and my children.  It's comforting and reassuring and we all need routine, one way or another.

I needed to call an infant staff meeting after school and, in apology, ordered some lovely cakes from my friend, JustJules Cakes.  This time they were shiny and starry in honour of the theme for the meeting - our Christmas show, Shine, Star, Shine.    This link should lead you to a photo of them on Facebook - I think.  Apologies if it doesn't.

We got a lot sorted and now I have a lot to do.

My student is in for her first week of familiarisation.  She has three weeks before Christmas when she has certain things she has to do, find out, etc, followed by several weeks after Christmas.  She should be teaching for 50% of her time by the end of her school experience. 
After yesterday she can tick off the bit relating to attending meetings and doing playground duty.  At one point I thought we were going to be short on parents to help with swimming so she obligingly went over to the pool and came back an hour or so later hot but happy as it's not something she will be able to observe in many other schools.  Ditto for the violin lesson - every child in the Infants has a class violin lesson each week, all the way through their time in the infants.  Again, that is unusual and worth observing.
I think she was a little 'giddy' by the end of the day.  There's such a lot to take in and take on board in a school and when none of it is routine, it can be very confusing.  Just explaining things to her makes me realise quite how much I do automatically, naturally as a teacher.  No need to plan it through, it just happens!

Well, I'd better go and check that all is in order for school today.  Ho hum!

Dad needs to sweep his lawn!

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