Monday 12 November 2012


. . . and another new week starts. 

Yesterday was good.  The flapjacks were delicious, the soup mix soup was scrummy and exceedingly filling for not all that many calories, the carpet is looking pretty good and there's just one more bit to do and the cupboard under the stairs got a jolly good clear out and I can now fit the Vax in there.

Today might not be so good as I Am Being Observed.  Two lessons, in fact, phonics and then maths.  Monday is always a chasing your tail day what with violin lesson in the morning and swimming in the afternoon, but I suspect we will have a minute's silence as close to 11:00 as we can make it which is going to eat into my lesson time too.  Ah well, once and only do ones best!  I've been racking my brains as to how to make a not terribly exciting subject more interesting but with minimal resources and I think I have something quite OK planned.  We just have to see what the headteacher thinks now.  Fingers crossed for me, please . . .

Scrummy cranberry and pistachio flapjacks!

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