Wednesday 28 November 2012


I had an unexpected and very pleasant surprise yesterday.  Due to an overbooking of a supply teacher, we had a cover teacher going 'spare' today (in the availability sense, not the crazy sense).  The deputy head very kindly offered the time to me to get on with Christmas show preparations.  To be honest, I nearly cried when she told me, I was so relieved.  So, with my usual coordinator time after play, that gave me the whole morning and it was much needed.  It helped a lot that the teacher  before play was the same teacher as after play so my class didn't have to handle another change of teacher.  Phew.

Apart from that blessing, things swung along nicely through the day so no complaints at all.  Hope today is as pleasant.

Isn't it getting cold though?   Brrrrr . . .

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