Thursday 22 November 2012


Such an early start to the day.  It's still before four o'clock as I start this blog and I am starting to flake out somewhat.  This evening is going to be a no-hoper as far as getting anything done is concerned, but tomorrow is a non-pupil day so it matters less than usual.

It was another busy day but with a few welcome breaks thrown into the mix yesterday.
Our Family Assembly was fab, really good.  I was so very proud of my littlies.  They were calm, composed, organised, they spoke up and everyone remembered what to do/say.  Very impressive and cute.
The lunchtime rehearsal also went well - the stars remembered their lines so now we are on to actions, acting and expression!  And there's still over two weeks to go.  Next week I have a couple of full cast rehearsals in the hall where the show will be, which will be a lot better than using my tiny classroom space.  The week after that is full rehearsals!  Eeek!

Now I'm off up to see if I can snatch a little more sleep before I get going for the day!

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