Thursday 15 November 2012


I feel as if I have been given a holiday.  Today I am not in school; I'm off to a PGCE mentor training day at our local university.  The training starts at half past nine and goes on until four so lunch is provided, as is coffee, tea, biccies, etc!

Now, usually, when I am on a course I go into school at the usual time, wait for the supply teacher to turn up, go through the pre-prepared and copiously detailed notes I have made for the day and then dash off, late and a bit (or a lot, depending on where I have to go) stressed, for the course.  Supplies are not noted for turning up early, I fear!

But the worm has turned.  No more!  After all, agency supplies are qualified teachers and ought to be as capable of interpreting planning as I am, especially planning that goes into as much detail as mine does.  They ought to be able to photocopy sheets, find resources and generally manage a class, especially one as delightful and well trained (I have to say that, don't I?) as mine.

So - I have annotated my usual planning, placed all necessary resources on an accessible part of my laptop (route also annotated), placed a necessary sheet for photocopying on the planning sheets and won't be going in early tomorrow.

Instead I have another two and a half hours at home before setting out into town.  Bliss.  And as I didn't know which nearby long stay car parks don't get totally clogged up early (some do), I have done something really shocking.  I have ordered a taxi!  There, isn't that decadent?  The thing is, I get travel sick on buses and my gammy knee isn't going to like it if I try to walk into town.  That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it. 

Even worse, I will be getting another one home again.  Bad, bad me!

Hope the training is worth it!

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