Thursday 1 November 2012


Welcome to November!  The eleventh month of the year, less than two months until Christmas.  Is panic setting in - well, no, not really!  No need to panic yet, is there?  The turkey is ordered, the food is all sorted out, Beth has sorted out a cleaner to come and give my home four hours of attention the week before Christmas . . . all good things!  The gifts will be home made and I haven't even started to think about that yet but there are enough weekends to go.

In the end, yesterday was a pj day - that's what Beth and I call days when we decide that we are staying in bedclothes all day.  A bit limiting, I admit, not being able to pop out to the shops or whatever else you need to do, but curiously relaxing and unstressful.  I did nearly break it at one point of frustration, but managed a work around.

You see, my TV, DVD player and cable thing work together in some complicated way I have never really been able to fathom.  It's just as well I have simple needs and rarely feel much inclination to record anything.  There are three remotes, one for each and some bits work together and some bits don't.  During the summer one remote, the one for the TV, ran away and has been seen no more.  Rather annoying really but not the end of the world until yesterday.  While trying to get the DVD showing on screen I wandered into what I think was freeview and immediately there was this great grey blob of a rectangle on screen telling me that the DVB (whatever that is) needed retuning as there were changes in the channels - or something to that effect. 
Do you think I could get rid of it?  I switched off and on, fiddled with the cable box, left it for a while, restarted the cable box, called it naughty names, all to no avail.  This stupid grey rectangle would NOT go home                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              .
So I went on to Amazon to find a replacement remote.  Searched and searched.  Couldn' find one that named my particular TV but found one that looked exactly the same as my lost remote so tried to buy it h the intention of using a speedy delivery so it arrived today.  Nope, that wasn't an option.  By that time I was getting really cross and was on the verge of getting dressed and stomping round to Comet to see if they had one when a still small voice reminded me that when all else fails to read the instructions.  So I did, reasoning that there HAS to be another way round apart from using a remote.  And, blow me, there was.  Not the quickest thing I've ever done with the TV but a lot quicker than driving to Comet, whether in pjs or not!  And now just feel silly!  I just don't understand technology all that well!
And yes, I will get a replacement remote, it's a lot easier to use!

Apart from that, the high spot of the day was watching a Morcambe and Wise programme - a sort of potted life story with lots of snippets from their shows.  They are still incredibly funny in gentle, warm-hearted way - even when you know exactly what's coming, it's still hilarious.  Pure genius through and through..

As for today - well, it can't be a pj day again, there's far too much to do and it would be far too self indulgent.  The only thing set in stone is a meal at the Hare with Julie and Linda but there's plenty else to do mostly connected with housework.  I looked up some recipes for croissants and found the whole process so incredibly complicated and long winded I decided not to bother - so I won't.  I wonder if brioche or stollen is easier.  Must look and see.

And now I need to load up the washing machine, get the ironing board out, turn on the telly and tackle what will be a huge daunting pile if I don't take some action! 

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