Saturday, 24 November 2012

More Saturday

Would you believe, it is only three forty-five and I have closed the curtains to shut out the damp and gloom.  It's not dark but it's dark enough for me not to want to see it.  Not yet four o'clock!!
It's been a wet day and no mistake.  Fortunately we've not had an awful lot of wind, thank goodness, but it started raining around ten this morning and it really hasn't let up since.  I drove into town to get a few bits and bobs in Staples and there was a lot of lying water.

Still - I've been a good girl and done a lot of work.  I've worked out the numbers of programmes for each show (not so easy when you realise it's two programmes per family and three shows) using what seemed like a fiendishly complicated use of percentages to make sure it was all completely fair.
I've written the letter explaining how the ticket system works with several reminders about Not Losing Your Ticket As There Are No Substitutes and Yes, It's OK To Swap, etc.
I haven't written the letter about How To Order Your Copy Of The Performance On DVD, because I don't have all the info yet.
I've photocopied enough of everything and I've even sorted it all out into year groups.  Yes, I've been into school (via the library) and it wasn't half chilly!
And now I'm home with a wee bit of alcoholic reward for a job (several, in fact) well done (I hope).  And I feel I deserve it.  One thing's for sure, I won't sleep badly tonight.

It's odd, all the overnight fretting about numbers and chairs and room for filming and so on and when I actually sat down and worked out the numbers properly it wasn't too bad at all.  Yes, we will have to nick - er, I mean borrow - some chairs from somewhere in the school (probably year 5 or year 6) on Monday for the daytime performance; yes, the specially ordered and personalised stickers, intended to stop programme copying (yes, it does happen, I said they were like gold dust, didn't I) haven't come yet, but there's time and a way round that, if necessary.

And now I can look forward to our Christmas Staff Meeting on Monday with the feeling that I have everything more or less under control.  I've written the agenda, I've bought mulled wine, white wine, fruit juice, nibbles and stuff to make mini star-topped mince pies, I've sorted out my Christmas CDs . . . and if that doesn't satisfy my lovely colleagues, nothing will. 
No, I absolutely REFUSE to do the whole lot myself, so there!!! (just in case any of them are reading)

Now just wondering what I haven't thought of  or where my mathematical thinking has gone wrong (as it often does, me being mildly dyscalculic) - but not enough to cause sleeplessness! 

I hope!

A totally unconnected photo of an ornamental cabbage type thingy that was in a little bouquet given to me last weekend - and just after I took the photo nearly all the leaves dropped off.

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