Thursday 8 November 2012


One of the cupcakes JustJules made for the Monday meeting - and they tasted as good as they looked, if not better.  Mmmmmmmm

Thursday already!  Only yesterday it was Monday, I could swear!   One day, then SEN day and it's the weekend - and most of the planning is already done and dusted.  Yay!!!

Since we started having two sessions of phonics each day, everything seems so busy.  There's always something to do, always another task, another learning objective to master, another WALT (We Are Learning To) to work on . . . and on . . . and on!  I know things will slow down after the Christmas show and there will be one last week this term where we relax, make Christmas decorations, cards, paperchains and cover the carpet with glitter.  But right now it feels like a sprint the length of a marathon!  Phew.

We've started working on the show songs now.  Shine, Star, Shine is all about a Big Star who found he couldn't shine so when he was REALLY needed, everyone had to help him to learn how to shine again.  Lovely story, lovely songs.  Now we have to put it all together.

Today is the one day I have my class all day - except that while I have my student it won't be as we have an hour last thing in the afternoon for our weekly meeting where I go through the uni-agenda and K fills in one of the many pieces of paperwork.  You should see her file - she's only had four days with us and it's already starting to bulge at the seams!  No wonder teachers end up drowning in paperwork if that's how they are started off.  Incredible. 

Closer to home, I must be a very sad person indeed because I keep glancing proudly at the corner where sits my new toy, my Vax carpet cleaner.  Come Christmas I may have a clean living room carpet, you never know.  Mind you, I won't get very far while it sits in its box but that's a task for the weekend - unpack and assemble.  My very own D&T project!

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