Monday, 5 November 2012


Back at school this morning and I'm looking forward to seeing my children again.  As a teacher, one shouldn't get over-attached to ones class, but the little ones function best then there is some  affection in the relationship.  They need to know that they are liked.  Indeed, there have been times when some go to some length to check that you still like them whatever they do.  Sometimes in the past it has been hard . . .

Back home too, after a few days with my parents.  As always, I had a lovely, restful time and was fed and watered well, both literally and emotionally.  I didn't enjoy the drive back yesterday morning though.  It had been raining hard on an already soaked landscape and there was quite of lot of flooding on the road over.  Nothing too deep - I think about one foot in the middle of Bishops Stortford was the worst - but it required some anxiously careful driving.  Of course, when I got home, the sun came out!  Not for long though . . .

The sun certainly shone over the weekend.  I took some nice autumnal photographs so here are a couple.

On Dad's lawn, much to his dismay, but they made a nice photo or two!

I just love the colour and lines in this!

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