Sunday 4 November 2012


The last day of the half term holiday.  Very sad but all good things . . . as the saying goes.  It's been lovely but we have to keep moving on.

Last night we went out to see the Arcadians' performance of Godspell.  Loved the music, loved the colour, fun, energy and general wackiness of their interpretation.  Not so sure about the venue - the stage was a church platform stage, not a proper stage and it wasn't that high so although we were only five rows back we missed a lot and couldn't see the footwork in the dances.   Their usual venue is the Gordon Craig Theatre, which gives them a lot more space too.
Still, it was a lot of fun and well worth going to and, unlike some of the older musicals, there wasn't a point at which I thought 'this is getting a bit slow'.  Some of them do have a very weak, thin storyline.

Today is going to be all about making sure all is ready for school.  Planning needs refining, resources need checking over - and, you never know, I might even get my bedroom tidied.

Oh, yes, and there's some ironing - again!

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