Friday 23 November 2012


. . . and here I am, sitting at my PC, still in my jim jams at nearly eight o'clock.
What has happened?  Am I ill, has the school exploded?  No, it's a non-pupil day!  Of course we have work to do, but time to do it and no strict schedule to follow.  Wonderful!!!

I've started off well by trying a biscuit recipe someone posted on Facebook.  This lady is wonderful - she makes and ices THE most creative, artistic, amazing cookies I have ever seen. 

Here is her Facebook page:!/pages/Honeycat-Cookies/300343123326487?fref=ts

here is her web site:  (which just points the way to her Facebook and Flickr pages)

and here is her Flickr area

Please, please do go and look, if only for the experience of seeing the work of an artist.  She does, however, take orders - marvellous for gifts or special occasions.

Anyhow, she posted her basic cookie recipe and I'm making some using soft brown sugar, mixed spice and orange oil.  They're chilling at the moment!  I'll let you know.
I have, however, no idea how she ices them so wonderfully.  Mine won't be!

Here's a sample.  I haven't asked for her permission yet to use this photo so will remove it if she says 'no'!

(Thought I ought to come back in to add that I haven't been recompensed in any way for writing the above - I genuinely think her work is amazing and that's why I've written it!)

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