Saturday 24 November 2012


I know it IS Saturday but it feels just like Sunday and I am feeling an irrational sense of panic regarding all the things I should have done before Sunday (hope that makes sense). Today is going to be busy, busy, busy.

 I had the strangest night.  Apart from anything else, at one point I wondered if I was going down with The Bug, with some tummy cramps, but no, thankfully not!  But the biggest thing was that all the arrangements I have to organise for the Christmas Show kept buzzing around and around inside my head and, in the middle of the night, one is not with it enough to rationalise them.  SO it was doze, wake, doze, wake all night.  Not very pleasant and I shall be napping later on, for sure.
There's so much to do prior to our big Christmas meeting on Monday after school - we infants always meet together to make the background, allocate the programmes, etc and we have mulled wine, nibbles and Christmas music playing in the background.  Very pleasant but it takes some organising, especially when one is teaching all afternoon.

Allocating tickets is going to be a problem.  They are like gold dust in out school community.  For the first time ever we are doing three performances, one in the daytime, the other two after school at 6:00.  Each family gets two tickets.  It's going to be complicated, even if it was just that.  The complication is compounded because we were expecting the daytime show to be filmed so were going to have fewer people in the audience which was fine because we don't have that many spare chairs.  However, the company got muddled and are now coming to film on Wednesday evening which means fewer tickets given out for that show (because of space) and correspondingly more for Monday (for whom we have no chairs).  Aaarrgggghhhh!
And of course there's the usual 'will everyone be ready, will they know their dances, will they know the words, will we have snowdays?' worries that are par for the course.

Hence the somewhat interrupted night!

I took this several days ago but thought it a very appropriate addition to this particular blog entry!

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