Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday morning

. . . and the Easter break has started - sort of started anyway.  I always feel that, as the weekends are always there, the holiday proper doesn't start until the Monday.  Waking up on the first weekday is absolute bliss . . . such a wonderful feeling of freedom and release.  It's very good!

My friends are just leaving.  S is loading up her car as I type, although I'm not sure that M has really left the land of nod yet.  An early start for them will ensure that they meet their deadline the other end, which is all to the good.  We are all hoping that the silly panic buying of petrol will have calmed down because at some point they *will* need to top up with petrol.  Have a good journey, both of you, thanks for coming and see you soon, I hope.

Today is going to be easy (fingers crossed, touch wood, etc).  I need to do some washing, some basic decluttering, make a few resources for the new term, do some online shopping (yes I do, don't argue!!) and generally have a good day.  And George comes for an hour in the garden which is good and the dreaded weeds are starting to make an appearance again.  He will be busy today!

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