Tuesday 24 April 2018


Well, reading the 'what to do when you come in' instructions, I realise that they will check blood pressure, of course they will, pre operation and high BP is one of the things that might cancel the operation so now I am full expecting to be writing an update to say I'm home again.
I rejoiced too soon. 

What a pessimist I am turning out to be over all this!  I'm surprising myself!


  1. Fingers crossed you manage to get it over with today. Thinking of you. X

  2. Joy, I went into hospital for an umbilical hernia op 2 or 3 years ago. The anaesthetist came round and said my BP was far too high (and frightened me to death with dire warnings about what could happen on the operating table). I really thought I'd be sent home. However, the surgeon appeared shortly after and said it would be fine, he told the nurses to give me a sedative and said that should get it down sufficiently to go ahead. It did. Hopefully all will be well for you today, there are procedures to get your BP down, should it be necessary. Good luck x

  3. Both my sister and my husband were given the dire bp scenario in the days and weeks before their ops. For both of them, all concerns were brushed aside on the day and the ops went ahead. If I was a betting woman I’d bet yours will too. Begone pesky gall bladder! :-)

  4. It's easy for me to say but try to stay calm and continue with your deep breathing. The anaethetist would have seen the results from your 12 hour monitoring and didn't deem it worth a mention, and I'm sure he'd be expecting it to spike today with all the anxiety of being in the hospital. My own BP is always way too high, I'm very overweight and completely unfit, but they've always continued with routine ops as planned! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the same happens for you and that it's all over and done with today. xx

  5. Breathe slowly and deeply while it is being taken!
    Good luck and I hope it all goes ahead as planned.

  6. Fingers (and everything else that will) crossed that the op goes ahead, goes well, and that you have the most rapid of recoveries.


  7. Sending you very best wishes and hoping that
    the absence of further comment today means that you have been under the knife today.

  8. Thanks, everyone. I won't answer individually just this time, but thanks. Yes, the op went ahead and now I'm home.

  9. That's wonderful news. I hope you have a peaceful night
    and wake tomorrow with a great sense of relief that the op
    is behind you though I’m sure you will probably feel sore.
    No digging for a while!