Wednesday 18 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's dry, clear and looking good this morning.  Fingers crossed for a nice day.

Oh, I was tired yesterday evening.  I was in bed by eight thirty and , apart from a meander down the landing to the smallest room at some point, slept soundly until after half past five.  Now that's what I call a good night's sleep.

The recent digging aches and pains are subsiding now and I'm feeling energetic, which is great!

I pootled off to Springfield Hospital yesterday and emerged twenty minutes later having had a very efficient blood test and an ECG that showed that I have a healthy ticker.  I know that really but when one has been so overweight - well, I wondered.  The next visit there is next Monday to have another blood test and to 'meet the anaesthetist'.

I did more digging and de-weeding/rooting.  In fact, apart from a bit of watering, that's all I did and, while it doesn't look all that much, it is getting done slowly.  I shall do more later on this morning.

Tuition was cancelled as pupil has gone down with a bad cold and the last thing I want is to catch anything that will mean a cancellation next Tuesday.  That's OK - it means that when we start back again, the first session is all planned and ready!  Excellent!

So today looks like this:  allotment, school (Y!, reading), tuition, crash out!  That'll keep me out of trouble, for sure.

I'll finish with a few photos I took yesterday.

Getting there.  Maybe, by Friday . . .

Plum blossom

Pear blossom

They all seem to have 'taken' and are sending out new leaves.  Strawberries in June!

Lovely rhubarb


  1. It all looks fabulous! And you can't beat the sight of blossom at this time of year. I'm glad you slept well and that your hospital visit was positive (maybe that was a help).
    Have a lovely day. X

  2. Blossom on trees in Spring is one of my absolute favourite things. Your allotment is looking very good. Gardening is hard work but it pays off doesn't it?

  3. After that bed is finished, there's another, smaller one to do but that won't take long as it had spuds last year and they leave the ground more crumbly. Yes, it's hard work to do it properly but the payback is more than worth it, I think.
    Maybe the visit did help me to sleep. Whatever it was, I feel a lot better this morning. :-)
    And the sun is now shining. What more could I want?
    J x

  4. Allotment is coming along very nicely and looking really good!

    Glad you had a sound night, the hard worked and physically tired body and re-assurance from the Hospital visit surely helped.

    Best wishes and vibes for any colds and coughs to keep away.

  5. Thanks, Annabeth. Despite the internal aches, I am feeling better than I have felt for quite a long time, both inside and out. It's a great feeling.
    J x